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What are bed bugs?

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. Although found on animals, they do seem to have a preference for humans.  They can travel up to 100 feet per day, but prefer to be around areas where people sleep, as they do most of their feeding during the night.  They hide during the day, and they are commonly found behind baseboards, in cracks and crevices, folded area of beds, bedding, clothing, furniture and especially on and around mattresses and box springs.  They are masters at hiding, and many people never see them.

Bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs per day and more than 500 in their lifetime, allowing them to multiply at a rapid rate.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?  What are the symptoms of bed bug bites?

A qualified pest control professional, with extensive experience in treating bed bug infestations, can easily tell if your home has bed bugs, even if you have never seen one, or have no symptoms.

While some people are unaware that they have bed bugs, or may attribute bites to other insects.  Many notice tell-tale signs, which can include bites that may resemble mosquito bites, with a small bite area, and/or a swollen and red area surrounding the bite.  Before biting, bed bugs inject a type of anesthetic into the skin, so many people feel nothing, but may notice a bite 1-3 days later.  Symptoms may vary widely, and while bed bug bites are generally harmless, some people may have a severe allergic reaction, particularly children and the elderly.  There can be psychological side effects as well, including anxiety and insomnia.  Bed bugs multiply rapidly, so it is important to call a professional quickly after noticing what appears to be a bed bug bite.

How did I get bed bugs?

Although clutter provides bed bugs with places to hide, cleanliness has no impact on the likelihood of suffering from a bed bug infestation.  You can get bed bugs even if your home is extremely clean, and cleaning in itself, will not rid your home of bed bugs.

Bed bugs travel to find a human feeding source.  Bed Bugs can spread quickly in apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels and other buildings where there are multiple units.  They can be brought into your home in used furniture or bedding and from visiting an infested area.  If you have visited a hotel where there are bed bugs, they can hide in your luggage, and you can bring them into your home without knowing.

Visiting family or friends may unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home.   Bed bugs can even travel from luggage to luggage in holding areas of airplanes!

Because travel and visitors traveling to your home are a common source of bed bugs, you should be very diligent and have your home inspected to ensure bed bugs are not present.  To avoid bringing these hitch hikers home from hotels, you should always keep your luggage as far away from the bed as possible and off the floor (use luggage rack).  The first thing many expert travelers do upon checking into a hotel, is to inspect the mattress cracks and crevices, for signs of bed bugs.

Do not think you are safe just because you have not traveled recently.  Remember that if you live in an apartment complex, condo or attached home, your neighbor may be the source of the bed bugs coming into your home.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Trying to deal with bed bugs yourself can be very daunting and ineffective.  Bed bug infestations are insidious and difficult to eradicate without professional help.  Bed bugs cannot be killed by typical sprays or bombs found in grocery stores, and ant/roach killer is completely ineffective in killing bed bugs.  According to a major, national pest control company, some genetic strains of bed bugs have become resistant to certain insecticides.  Some methods of treating bed bugs can take weeks, and the psychological strain of dealing with bed bug bites on yourself and your loved ones can take a toll on your emotional well being and the well being of your family.

Many people think they can save money by trying to deal with bed bugs themselves.  This often entails using methods which have proven to be ineffective.  It can also be costly, as some methods require throwing out your mattress and box spring, and other infested furniture.  It can also be extremely inconvenient, requiring airtight bagging of clothing, and other personal items for 18 months or more.

Eliminating bed bugs requires a systematic approach utilizing methods targeted specifically to bed bugs.  In addition to killing active bed bugs, you have to deal with the many eggs that will inevitably hatch, and any method that does not deal with the eggs will not be effective.

Your local bed bug expert

We are bed bug experts, and have been voted the best pest control company in Las Cruces 5 consetive years in a row!

We have the most advanced and effective method of eliminating bed bugs through thermal remediation. Our method kills bed bugs in ALL stages, including eggs, in just hours whereas chemical treatments can take several weeks. We can also reach areas that traditional chemicals can not!

  • You can keep mattresses and furniture after treatment if desired.  No need to spend a lot of money replacing furniture.
  • Only 1 treatment is needed in most cases vs multiple chemical treatments.
  • Peace of mind from knowing that in just hours, the problem is solved.
  • Optional K9 dog inspection available to ensure all bugs are dead after treatment.
  • Treatment is discrete – Our vehicles do not mention bed bugs.

For Questions regarding bed bugs, treatments or any other pests, call your local bed bug expert, Jeff Murray at 575-636-3149

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